Natural Forms Vase Set (Lucia+Luna+Stella) - 3 Pieces

Natural Forms Vase Set - 3 Pieces shines with undeniable personality. The porcelain three vase set includes Stella, Luna and Lucia. This family will bring personality to your favorite space and joy into your home. Together the Natural Forms family make an unbeatable team. The Natural Forms group, Juri, Valentina, Floris, Flora, Stella, Luna and Lucia, accommodate large and small spaces for cut flowers, potted plants and tealights. Dimensions: Stella 2.4x2.4x4.1in / 6x6x10.5cm; Luna 2.8x2.8x5.9in / 7x7x15cm; Lucia 2.4x2.4x7.1in / 6x6x18cm Materials: porcelain. Designer: Indigo Ruh.
SKU: R913

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